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People, you all should just shut up!

Shut up
People, you all should just shut up! You don’t know what you ever are talking about! In America the poor elect the billionaire who made his billions by ripping off the poor. In Britain the people voted for Brexit. Who are they putting their trust in to make Brexit a success? A prime minister who voted to remain! In Holland people complain daily about selfish politicians who enrich themselves. Which political party do they vote into power when they had the chance to change the system? The very political party that is weekly in the news because of yet another self-enrichment scandal! The bankers brought the whole world economy down less than 10 years ago. France unlike many major world economies has never recovered from the pain. Who do the people of France put their trust in to fix the problem? Yep, you guessed it, a banker! Nigerians are clamouring for a strong and healthy economy but elected a sick and feeble person to rule them. India has suffered years of ethnic and religious riots and when it comes to electing the leader, they chose one of the most divisive and avowed sectarians to rule them.  You need to fight corruption in Brazil? Just replace a small thieving leader with a mega big thieving leader. If you  like Hungary, have spent decades fighting to be free, it only figures that you elect a someone who is going to curtail your freedom as your prime minister! One could go on and on. The fact is, every nation deserves its rulers. Full stop! So just shut up and be happy with whom you elected.