The Mask

Everybody is a winner. Photography is like sport. The more you practise the better you get. Sometimes the process of getting to know how the camera works can be tedious. When trying to decipher all the workings and settings of a camera like the state of the art Sony A99, you’ve got your work cut out. It is hard enough if you’ve had a formal education in photography but when like Femoree, you are a self-taught professional, the difficulty factor can be extremely discouraging. We like a challenge so we put on our coat of patience, we sit and we learn, even if at snail’s speed.

Motorbike love

One of the arenas of learning is one that is close to home. These images are ones that capture great moments. However, we always strive to be better in whatever we do.

Rotterdam schouwburg

A giant leap had been taken in unravelling some of the secrets of the expensive toy that Sony A99 is! We won’t bore you about the ISO, flash, manual, aperture and all the technical mumbo jumbo. Suffice it to say; at the end of the day, everybody is a winner.

Black & Red
A touch of Black & Red