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Unlike many Nigerian/Biafrans, I am old enough to already have been a school going child during the Biafra war 1967-1970. I am old enough to have seen the evil that war caused. After millions died, all the war achieved was to cause years of pain to the innocents. Those who were at the top and wanted war escaped with their lives and made money out of the suffering of the people. I am aware of the reasons why people are agitating for a separate Biafra again. I am neutral on this. In fact, I have always felt Nigeria is an artificial entity that would not survive into the 21st century but I was proved wrong. What I am afraid of is a repeat of the Biafra war. Nigeria could go the way of USSR/Czechoslovakia or Yugoslavia or Great Britain. In other words, Nigeria could have a peaceful divorce or a messy divorce and/or even a messy marriage while still staying together. The other thing I am afraid of are all the people, white/black living in the comfort of Europe who are supporting arms struggle in Nigeria without going there to carry arms. When Europeans start posting Biafran propaganda, I get scared. One encounter with a Biafran supporting person does not give you any understanding of the situation there. You already have blood on your hands. You are pushing people to fight a war where your own children would not die. That is not fair. You are the same people who will be shedding crocodile tears when people start dying. The only winners of any wars are always the arms industries. War is money for them. It pays your pension. To conclude, if there is a negotiated divorce, I will fly the Biafran flag in my house to celebrate with them. […]