Naira notes

When do you have enough money? You already have money in your pocket. So why begin a business if you already have money? What about legacy building? The focus on money is narrow-mindedness and short term thinking. Aliko Dangote is not going to go hungry even if he stops working. Why do you think he is still working? Money? No! It is about legacy. Wealth creation. Utilising opportunities. Adding value to the nation. Job creation.

Wealth creation

I am always laughing when Nigerians want to start a business and they ask me for money. Not to invest but to give them a starting capital. Whenever I ask about their ideas and long term plans, they almost never have one. Why? The main, and sometimes the only, focus is money. Then you don’t need me. You already are not hungry so why do you need my money? Where are your ideas? Where is the scalability of your ideas? Are you creating new, long-lasting idea as well as wealth creation for the community?

Are you asking me for a loan or a handout? Do you have a bailout plan in case your proposed business runs into a headwind? In other words, have you done your homework and due diligence? If you are asking me to assist your fishing business, I have to be sure, you are not asking me to give you fish. You must be ready to show me that you know how to go into the sea and fish yourself. Nothing comes easy.

Youth outreach network Nigeria Aliko Dangote

How many people are you lifting out of poverty or is it just about you and your ego and showing people how much money you have in your pocket? It takes more than money to start a business. In fact, I daresay, the last thing you need, in the order of things when thinking of starting a business, is money! Don’t ask me to help massage your vain ego! End of sermon!