Maastricht_-_Akersteenweg_-_maxtrixbord_met_coronawaarschuwing by Otter

Right of agitation.

Let me start by saying I support your right of agitation, to protest and to resist. I am very ambivalent about all the measures taken and the explanation given by the government in the fight against Covid-19. They are confusing and contradictory. So I understand your anger and confusion too. For close to a year now, we have seen an erosion of nearly all our physical and social freedoms. People have been locked down and sometimes locked out. I, for example, have been locked out of any income for the past 9 months and my savings will run out this month!

There are government support nets and systems I can make use of? Don’t bother to remind me. I am not as stupid as I sometimes appear! I don’t qualify for any of them. Multitude self-employed people who have been fed to the sharks! Please spare me any advice about a government scheme I might qualify for. There is none! But that is another story of government deceit and intrigues.

Struggling to pay bills

COVID-19-sign-Azartplein-Amsterdam By Hay Kranen right of agitationI am one of those very desperate for these corona measures to end quickly. In theory I should be shouting my longs out against these measures that are ruining lives and reducing our physical, mental and social freedoms to do whatever we want. I think the government is not been honest. Whenever a new measure is announced, my mental health takes a beating. This has gone on for too long. Who would have thought that 10 months later our freedoms would be less than those of criminals in open prisons!

I am not blind. In fact I have a more desperate, financial need to return to the old normal than most of the people demonstrating and fighting for “our” freedoms. Most of them have regular jobs and on Monday, they will go back to their offices and at the end of the month, their salaries will be paid. As for me, I will continue to be scared of the next bill that will drop via the mail.

Who is to blame?

But let’s sit back and look at whose fault it is that these measures have taken this long and are in danger of being further extended? I think the government bears a big chunk of the blame. They have been guilty of sending mixed messages. It has been obvious to those of us who are objective that the government has put its own political survival above the health and welfare of its people. But that is what governments and politicians have been doing since the beginning of time! The government is also guilty of not having enough spine to act swiftly and decisively when the pandemic broke out. A window of opportunity was missed. If the government had shut down the whole country and her borders for 4 months why tackling the pandemic at the beginning, we would not be where we are today.

Uncommon sense

I am not a medical expert but even an idiot could have told the government that allowing everyone to go away outside the country for the summer vacation was not the wisest health care decision ever. You knew people were going to be care free and bring back more Covid. Who goes on vacation after being in a lockdown and sits in their rooms? Schiphol is thriving and people are going in and coming in through the land borders and you are asking those who are staying in the country to stay indoors? I could go on and on. Ridiculous! Concerts in the open air are banned while people are encouraged to be in the close proximity of one another in trains, metros, ships and aeroplanes. Stupid!

Coalition of pseudo-warriors

On the other hand, you have these coalition of conspiracy theorists, pseudo-medical experts, bored, lonely people, right and left extremists, attic keyboard warriors and self-appointed freedom fighters and political demagogues teaming together to “fight” for our freedom! There is hardly a day gone by without these people hitting the news because of their refusal to follow simple temporary rules. There is hardly a weekend when they are not gathered in their thousands to protest without masks or social distance. These people who are busy fighting the blood-sucking, children killing, elites are those who encourage the youth to have house parties and visit their parents afterwards. Passing on Covid which they deny is in existent!

Remember 5G?

By EdoderooCovid is a hoax. Covid is nothing more than a flu. In any case it is the work of nature. Covid or no Covid, we are all going to die anyway! Duh! So set us free and let us enjoy our freedoms! Don’t forget 5G. It used to be the real cause of Covid at the beginning of the resistance. Now even they have forgotten that. After all, Bill Gates and George Soros have more name recognition than 5G!

(PS: 5G is the follow up to 4G which was a follow up to 3G which was a follow up to 2G which was a follow up to 1G. Before that, we all had landlines! You all have just fell for the biggest Trump hoax of all time to stop China dominating the cell phone market so brought this nonsense about 5G and Covid to the world. America was defeated in the 5G race and as we know Trump would rather incite violence than accept defeat. Just in case you missed it, 5G is still being rolled out by the west. It is only much slower and more expensive that the Chinese 5G made by Huawei! America wins! So much for the Covid & 5G link misinformation!)

The Covidiots

I don’t know whether Covid is real or not. Whether it is a flu variant, I don’t know. So I cannot be sure one way or the other. But I am beginning to think this coalition of protester are led by government agents. They are not fighting for our freedom at all. They are there to give the government the pretexts they need to keep reducing our freedoms. Have you noticed that every time these Covidiots demonstrate the government takes away another layer of our freedom? Here is my conspiracy theory. Self-appointed gurus fighting for “our” freedom by always demonstrating against the corona regulations without distance and masks are paid by the government so that the governments will have another excuse to remove more freedoms.


Now the Dutch government is talking of a curfew! We are not under a martial rule but soon we will not be even to move around from dusk to dawn! As a person who grew up in a country why military coups used to be something as normal as life, this brings back unwanted memories. What have this strange coalition of so-called anti bloodsuckers, anti- paedophilia etc. achieved?  They have given the government all the excuses it needs to do exactly the opposite of what they say they are fight for! That is why it is easy to conclude that the leaders of this coalition are government agents manipulating gullible people to achieve government aim. It is the 5G misinformation all over!

The African parallel

It is a well-used diversionary tactics that (Western) governments use all the time. Let’s start an endless war in Congo so that we can plunder its vast resources. In layman’s eyes, it is a civil war. But the reality is always that some so-called militias are paid to start a conflict to divert attention from the real thing. The fact is, there is no country in Africa where there is a civil war and that country does not have vast natural resources. Most African countries don’t produce weapons. Where do those weapons of war come from? Who is supplying them? More importantly, who pays for them and how!? That is what is happening here I suspect. All those leaders of the virus denier’s organisation are there to divert attention and give government the justification to reduce freedoms not expand it.

The net gain of protests?

TUDelftArchitecture By Nathan KramerTake stock for yourself. Believe your own eyes. What has been the total achievements of these groups since the protest began in April 2020? Do you feel you have more freedom today that when they started? Remember, The Netherlands had the loosest lockdown of all of Europe except Sweden. A.k.a. the intelligent lockdown. Government kind of said we trust the citizens to know right from wrong and to do the right thing. And the 5G people renamed themselves and became agitators. Somehow and very conveniently, they started breaking the laws and assaulting politicians in the name of fighting for our freedoms. The intelligent lockdown became less intelligent.

The slippery sloop has now led to the government preparing to impose a dusk to dawn curfew in The Netherlands! What is the justification? Many people are not following the government guidelines. Who is encouraging their followers to disobey these guidelines? You guess the answer; the “freedom” fighters. And for whom is it now very convenient to use that as a justification? The government!

The government (agents) win!

We had more freedom when the “freedom fighters” started making noise and being a government tool of disinformation than now. At the beginning of the Covid crisis we were in an open prison. Now the prison authorities are threatening to put us in solitary confinement because of these collaborators! Come the end of 2021, we will all be stripped of all our rights. Thanks to the self-appointed, government sponsored state agents disguising as “Freedom Fighters!” Divide and rule! It works anytime!